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The Roots of GreenRoots

GreenRoots Landscaping was founded in 2002 in the heart of Chester County. We have years of experience bringing landscape design, landscaping and hardscaping. Through the years we have continued to grow and evolve, while keeping a firm grasp on our commitment to customer service, high quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and sustainability in design. You can trust GreenRoots Landscaping will provide you with a space that you will love!

Excellent Design

Excellent Design:

Our designers will always provide you a plan that will be customized to your property using the right materials for your project. Our designers have years of experience and are excellent at planning spaces and choosing unique plants that will suit your needs.

Beautiful and Functional

Beautiful and Functional:

You never have to give up function for beauty or vice versa. It is always a priority when we design spaces that they are beautiful and suit your lifestyle. We will always provide the best solution, an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful.

Unique, Creative Edge

Unique, Creative Edge:

We love creating unique designs and installs. We get excited by creating spaces that are out of the ordinary. This creative edge is what sets us apart. If you are looking for something unique, we would love to create that one-of-a-kind result you are looking for!

Josh Cauffman

Josh Cauffman is the founder and president of GreenRoots Landscaping in Kennett Square, PA.  He grew up in the heart of Chester County where his parents would spend much of their time outside with Josh and his four siblings. Whether it was helping with his family’s sheep farm, his father’s tree nursery, or exploring; hard work and a love for nature was instilled at a young age. Josh grew up working alongside his father, a horticulturist and landscaper of more than 40 years lending to his extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry.

Along with being actively involved in the local community, Josh currently sits on two boards for The Delaware Center for Horticulture. When Josh isn’t personally interacting with clients or the community he is outside exploring nature in any facet. His passion for nature is undeniably deep seeded and it shows in his eye for design.

The GreenRoots Team

From the smallest yards, to an expansive piece of property, our design/install team has the skills and experience to create the perfect outdoor spaces. We are a team of professionals, who each bring a very unique and needed skill set to each project.  From talented craftsmen, and leading landscape designers; to our native plant specialist/horticulturalist with over 40 years of experience, our master mason, and our lighting designer who studied with world class lighting expert Janet Lennox, we are the perfect fit for any outdoor project. Projects like custom water features, outdoor kitchens, beautiful gardens & more. Visit our Services pages to see great examples of what our teamwork achieves.

Community Commitment

We are committed to being a positive influence and an active member of our community. In the past few years, we’ve worked with a number of conservancies to install pathways, trails and walkways that encourage members of our community to get out to enjoy the fresh air. We’ve worked with Unionville High School to create a beautiful courtyard space, and have been involved with various other projects for churches and schools to help make better outdoor spaces for everyone.

As well as using our skills to help the community, we also support many different community events, from high-school sports teams, to various fundraising events.

Some of our Affiliates

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