Backyard Landscaping Ideas

As the weather turns warmer and it has finally stopped snowing, fingers crossed, we all seem to drift into outdoor mode! An outdoor retreat right outside your back door is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. With all of our super busy lives, a retreat that doesn’t involve traveling out of state is one way to add some tranquility to our lives. We are all in constant search of quality down time with the family or quiet time with a good book and so there is no better, and more practical, solution than a retreat we and our families can use every day.

With getting the most out of our outdoor spaces as our ultimate goals, let’s get our creative juices flowing with some swoon worthy backyard spaces to inspire us.


Water Features and Fountains

 Think outside the standard landscaping box and consider bringing a piece of Longwood Gardens or one of the other great public gardens in south east Pennsylvania to your own backyard.




 A gorgeous patio and fireplace will extend the outdoor season from maybe summer only, to being enjoyable all year long.



Separate Spaces

 Having separate spaces for both hard and soft seating gives endless options. The spaces do not necessarily need to literally be separated as much as they should be thought out ahead of time to accommodate both seating types and uses.




 Arbors are perfect ways to add color and height to your backyard. Using arbors and arches strategically can turn a gate or walkway into a whimsical entrance.



Pond Retreat

 Adding or restoring a pond to your property brings nature and water wildlife within reach, literally!


Use What You Have

 If your home doesn’t have a lot of property, use what you do have! This is a third story porch that was turned into a backyard haven.



Cohesive Space

 A large outdoor space with a central theme that is carefully planned will have have everything you need and be a thoroughly cohesive space.



Mixing Materials and Patterns

 Mixing materials may seem like a risk, but it is a risk that often pays off! Do not be afraid to mix it up with your materials.


Outdoor Rooms

 Outdoor rooms are an extension of your living room into the outside! The options are endless. They give the convenience and comfort of an indoor room while still enjoying the outdoors. 



Pergolas and Shade

 In the middle of the summer shade is necessary to keep us outside and taking advantage of an outdoor retreat. That being said, shade can be beautiful! Think outside the box! Don’t just add a pergola, but add a pergola with benches.



Small Spaces, Big Impact

 Small spaces can be designed for maximum impact. Smaller can be just as functional and beautiful, it just needs some extra thought in the design.


Fire Pits

 Fire Pits are the gathering place of an outdoor space and are well suited for long summer nights!




 You cannot talk about backyard retreat inspiration without covering pools! Pools not only keep you cool on hot days, but keep the kids at home! A beautiful pool will make your home the party central for you and your family for the summer.




 Lighting is the unsung hero of the landscaping world! Lighting not only adds safety to walkways and general visibility, but it adds character and beauty to your spaces. Lighting installed strategically makes any landscape really come alive.



Beautiful Spaces

 Whether your backyard needs a total overhaul, or small changes, make your property a place that you can find retreat just walking out of your back door! Make plans to enjoy your property!


A carefully thought out and well designed backyard retreat will feel like a staycation every day! The best way to achieve a retreat that you will actually use and enjoy for years to come is to have an expert landscape designer design a space that fits your lifestyle. Email us today to set up a consultation with a landscape designer!