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April – April Showers bring May… Shrubs?

Spring is here! And ideal planting season is just around the corner. With that in mind, let’s spotlight some of GreenRoots favorites shrubs to get you started!

night front corner

With every GreenRoots design we use trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcover and usually some seasonal color. Each are an essential part of a landscape and design to balance and interact with each other to create a space that just “feels right.”

Shrubs both evergreen and deciduous, are essential to giving the landscape structure.

Here are examples of some of GreenRoots favorite shrubs:



1. ‘Ivory Halo’ Dogwoods – Cornus alba ‘Bailhalo’


de·cid·u·ous  diˈsijo͞oəs/ adjective
  1. (of a tree or shrub) shedding its leaves annually.

ivory halo dogwood

‘Ivory Halo’ Dogwoods 

HEIGHT: 5-6’

We love using ‘Ivory Halo’ Dogwoods. In summer they are beautiful full shrubs with green and white leaves as seen above.

dogwood red twig dogwood

There are different varieties of Dogwood shrubs but the ‘Ivory Halo’ is one of our favorites because of its vibrant red branches throughout the winter months. Shrubs don’t have to have leaves to be beautiful and visually striking and this dogwood is a perfect example!

dogwood 2 red twig dogwood 2

boxwoods and dogwood

Here you can see how the ‘Ivory Halo’ Dogwood interacts with other plantings in summer. In this case, in winter the ‘Ivory Halo’ Dogwood’s red branches will be sticking up behind the other plants which will have them continually balancing each other out all year long.



2. Hydrangeas – Hydrangea


de·cid·u·ous  diˈsijo͞oəs/ adjective
  1. (of a tree or shrub) shedding its leaves annually.

hydrangeas massing


HEIGHT: 3-8’

Hydrangeas are another of our favorite shrubs that we like to use at GreenRoots Landscaping. There are nearly endless varieties of hydrangeas.

hydrangea lacecap 2 limelight hydrangea

There are various colors and color combinations, as well as bloom shape. The left photo above is an example of a ‘Lacecap’ Hydrangea and its bloom is an entirely different shape than the ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea featured on the right.

hydrangea winter hydrangea snow

The photos above are what hydrangeas generally look like in winter. The branches still provide structure and movement in a landscape even when it has lost its blooms and color.

blue hydrangea hydrangea large blue

The hydrangea varieties range in maximum size but most reach 3-4’ within a few years. The different varieties have different bloom seasons and most varieties continue to bloom though the summer. Of course, one of the best things about hydrangeas is that you can cut the beautiful blooms and enjoy hydrangea bouquets grown in your own backyard haven!




3. Shrub Roses – Rosa


de·cid·u·ous  diˈsijo͞oəs/ adjective
  1. (of a tree or shrub) shedding its leaves annually.

shrub roses

Shrub Roses

HEIGHT: 3-4’

Shrub Roses are a shrub that most people are familiar with. People are familiar with them because they are so popular from their beauty and vibrant colors. These are the same reasons we love to use them in our designs as well. Shrub Roses are fast growing to 3 to 4 ft. tall and wide which makes filling your landscape a breeze. We typically design our landscapes with shrub roses behind other shrubs so that it looks like the roses are coming up and out of all of the plantings.

roses rose close

rose yellow rose white

Shrub Roses come in varieties of colors. Pink are some of the more common varieties, but yellow white and red are also popular choices.

roses 2 rose with snow

For shrub roses, pruning is an important part of keeping them at their ideal shape. Shrub roses do very well in our climate, as you can tell by when you so often can see snow sitting on a pristine shrub rose bloom.



4. Boxwoods – Buxus


ev·er·green  ˈevərˌɡrēn/ adjective

  1. of or denoting a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.

boxwood over


HEIGHT: 2-6’

Evergreens are an essential part to any landscape design. The great thing about having an evergreen shrub in your landscape is that it will stay the same throughout the year, looking as lovely in the dead of winter as it does in the prime of summer. Boxwoods are one of our favorite evergreen shrubs.

boxwoods and carex boxwoods

Boxwoods come in a variety of types that range in maximum size from 2’-6’ in height and width. But the great thing about boxwoods is that the majority reach maximum size at about 4’ which means that they will not overtake your designed landscape.

front from left side vertical front from right side close

You can see here how well boxwoods interact with other boxwood varieties as well as trees and groundcover.

boxwood round boxwood hedge

They have recently come into popularity for their traditional ball shape, but are extremely versatile and dynamic and can be shaped, and when they are massed boxwoods can be used as hedging.

boxwood close up carex



When you put them together:

These shrubs are each beautiful when they stand alone, but as with all plants, truly shine when they are expertly designed in a space where they interact with each other.

shrub mix 2

Here you can see how 3 of our favorites blend perfectly!

shrub mix 3 front side twilight


boxwood and dogwood 2 shrub mix

Motivated to get some shrubs placed throughout your property?

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