“Smart” Irrigation

Irrigation is something we recommend for everyone’s landscaping. As hot as this past July was, it is easy to see that standing outside with a watering can every once in awhile will not be able to supply your plants with the water that they need! Irrigation systems and timers are all of the difference between plants thriving or dying. Plants need water more than anything.


Irrigation systems on timers are a way of putting “our best foot forward” towards doing the best for our landscaping. Weather can seriously impact those best intentions though. Irrigation timers are customizable, but are generally set for normal summer weather. So when the weather is abnormal, i.e. unusually hot, or unusually wet, we need to adjust our watering plans and timers. Unfortunately, just as plants can die from not enough water, they can suffer from “drowning” in too much water as well. Take the time to check on your landscaping and see if you have puddles from your irrigation when it hasn’t rained recently, or plants that seem dry and needing some extra love. Typical irrigation and timers are not a science and will need to be adjusted semi frequently based on the weather.


We, GreenRoots Landscaping, use traditional timers all of the time, but there is another option out there that is certainly worth featuring. A new wave in irrigation is “Smart” Watering. A new breed of smart sprinkler timers mix smart phone control with real-time weather based watering. With these new timers, you can adjust or control your sprinklers from the comfort of your couch, patio or even while on vacation.  On top of that, they check the weather and adjust the watering for you, which means no more watering in the rain.

One controller that stands out is the Spruce 16 zone Wifi irrigation controller.  The Spruce controller is a direct replacement for most irrigation timers and can manage up to 16 individual zones.  Each zone is set up with landscape, nozzle and terrain specifics that tell the Spruce controller how to calculate watering times.  Based on these settings and the current weather conditions the system will create a schedule that meets EPA WaterSense© certification standards.  According to the EPA, a WaterSense© certified controller can save up to 50% on water use.  Some regions will also help pay for a certified controller, so be sure to check for rebates in your area.


In addition to smart phone control and automatic weather adjustment, the Spruce system also offers the option of wireless soil moisture sensors.  These sensors detect the water content in the soil and transmit back to the system to further optimize water use.  Soil sensors are a great addition for the lawn and really excel in the garden, where the moisture level can be set to maintain the correct watering for thirsty veggies.


Whether you need supplemental watering during a dry spell, or consistently to maintain a beautiful lawn, smart sprinkler controllers are the answer.  With advances in weather forecasting and the simplicity of setting a schedule on your phone, there is no reason not to upgrade or install a system today.

Smart sprinkler controllers don’t just check the weather.  Many also connect to the rest of your home.  The Spruce 16 zone Wifi irrigation controller will connect to both Amazon Echo and Google Assistant so starting, stopping or checking the watering schedule is as simple as asking.

Whether you decide on the “smart” tech route, or the traditional route, just make sure your plants and lawns stay plenty hydrated in this heat!

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