This Chadds Ford property’s front yard update takes their home’s entrance from plain, to charming and neat.

We made their front and side porches fresh with new brick pavers, bluestone, and dry stack steps. We also added a stone wall to give the space a feeling of privacy. The completed space is now perfect for relaxing at their outdoor table. The hardscaping definitely emphasizes the Chester County feel of the house.

before and after 2

The entrance to this home now suits the rest of the house, a combination of historic and charm with clean lines.

porch and wall close

door and porch 2 side porch 3

This is the view of the patio from the inside of this home. Now they can bring the outdoors in! It is perfect timing as the nights are starting to cool off and they can leave their doors open and move from inside to outside seamlessly!

side porch

stone wall 4

stone wall 2 end cap

whole front from side

front porch 3 front porch 4

front porch close front porch 2

front porch side porch 4

stone wall 3 stone wall 1

This stone wall gives the front of the house that extra Chester County touch.

before and after 3

table 2 side porch 5

stone wall 7 stone wall 5

stone wall 6 stone wall close

wall and front porch whole front from driveway 2

whole front from driveway 3 whole front from driveway 4