Christmas Wreaths

The holidays are upon us! December is a month that we both love and hate! Making preparations for Christmas between parties and events can be overwhelming, but it is always worth it when we spend time with our friends, families and loved ones during the holidays.

The front door is the first impression for your guests, let’s step up our decor with a gorgeous handmade wreath! What’s better than a beautiful Christmas wreath? One you have made yourself! Fortunately for us, our master horticulturalist Thom is a pro at wreath making so that we can learn from the best!



Metal Wreath Ring

Metal wreath rings come in a variety of sizes. Typically 12-36.” You can pick up a metal wreath ring at the chain craft stores or any wholesale florist.
Here is a 12″ set available on Amazon 12″ set.


Floral wire

Floral wire is available at most craft stores. We used 24 gauge wire.




They sell greens at places like Lowes and Home Depot, but the selection is usually limited. The best place to gather greens is in your own backyard! If you do not have any or enough evergreens to choose from, try “phoning a friend.” Just make sure you are pruning as you choose and cut your branches.

The options are pretty endless for varieties to choose from. Just try to avoid greens  that will need extra water, for example cherry laurel.

We used:

  1. Norway Spruce (good backdrop)
  2. White Pine
  3. Holly
  4. Boxwood
  5. Winterberry
  6. Andromeda
  7. You can also use: Noble or Silver Fur or Douglas Fur


Pine cones


Wire cutters




Create it:


Set up

Set up your workspace and cut your greens ahead of time at about 6-9” in length.




Wire the wreath:


Wrap and secure the wreath with wire. We will use a continuous strand of wire, so do not cut the wire yet.



Make a “hand”


In your left hand start with

    1. Norway Spruce
    2. Then add some White Pine
    3. And a piece of Holly
    4. And some Boxwood






Put the “hand” onto the wire frame with your left hand and use your right hand to wrap it around the metal wreath twice, give a good tug after the second wrap.

For the last piece, make it sized so that it will fill the empty space and tuck under the first piece. Raise the branches slightly to tuck wire under the branches of the first “hand.”




Tie and secure


Tie and secure the wire to the back of the frame.




Pine cones (if desired)

To add pine cones, take 3 and wire them together, then wire them onto the frame.



Tuck in

Any greens that you want to add that are too delicate to wrap in get tucked in at this point. We tucked in winterberry and andromeda to give color and some detail. Tuck them under the wire as much as possible to secure them, especially if your wreath will be hung outside.

We used:

  1. winterberry
  2. andromeda




Wire loop


The last step is to add a wire loop so that it is ready to hang.



Hang and display with pride!



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from GreenRoots Landscaping!