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Winter Landscaping tips for Curb Appeal

While we are currently at the height of the holiday season these times go fast and soon enough we will all be putting our decorations into hibernation until next year.  Doing so doesn’t mean the colors of the holidays that bring the winter months to life have to be gone. Although the decorations will be put away and the flowers long gone for the winter months that does not mean there are no colors left to enjoy. Even with snow covered bushes there are a lot of plants that can fight through the snow and entrap us with a sense of warmth showing off their bright colors.

The following is a list of popular plants for adding visual appeal in winter:

  • Christmas Holly Bush: Evergreen holly is popular due to its striking, year-round foliage and bright berries that attract many bird species. Using holly sprigs throughout the holiday season have been a long time loved addition to holiday décor. There are varieties that can survive the harsh northern cold the best and should be planted in the spring or fall.
    1. China holly-  A rounded holly that is drought tolerant and compact
    2. Inkberry holly- Has dark green foliage that resembles that of boxwood shrubs. Its berry is black, not the usual red that we associate with hollies.

fiss-driveway-hollies holly-tree

  • Red Osier Dogwood: Red osier dogwood is another extremely hardy and versatile plant perfect for the winter months. The flowering of red osier dogwoods yield white blooms that are followed by white fruit. However, red osier dogwood makes this list because of its bark, which ranges in color from red to burgundy. A patch of fiery red osier dogwood against a backdrop of untouched snow makes for a cherished winter landscape.


ivory-halo-dogwood red-twig-dogwood

  • Plume Grass: When planning the perfect winter landscape, don’t forget to include at least one tall perennial grass. An eye-catching grass with a stately, thin chute and soft style reveals such a subtle structure that it will create a romantic persona to an otherwise dull winter landscape.

grass-in-snow tall-gras-in-winter

  • Bayberry: Bayberry is a shrub whose leaves and its bark produces a pleasant, balsamic aroma. However, they have a very bitter, biting taste. The birds may like bayberry, but the deer don’t, as it’s one of the deer-resistant plants. It is also a drought tolerant shrub making it perfect for a dry winter.


  • Cranberrybush Viburnum: Compact American cranberrybush viburnum yields masses of red berries that serve as a source of food for birds on the winter landscape. A rounded shrub, it bears white flowers in May and June that are followed by red fruit. As a bonus, the shrub offers foliage ranging from red to purple in fall.

 cranberry-in-snow cranberry-in-snow-2

  • Winterberry Holly: Winterberry hollies fruit is useful for attracting wild birds to your property. Far from being a drawback, its deciduous nature is actually a benefit for the winter landscape. Winterberry should be planted in the spring or fall.

winterberry-snow cranberry-iced

  • Birch Trees: Birch trees are cherished for their outstanding bark characteristics which enrich a landscape no matter the time of year. Three varieties of birch trees lend considerable interest to the winter landscape.
    1. Young’s weeping birch- White bark that peels.
    2. Paper birch- When young the bark is brown but turns white as the tree ages.
    3. Yellow birch-Yellow-orange bark that peels and turns to a reddish-brown as it ages.

birch birch-2

  • Viking Black Chokeberry: Like winterberry holly, Viking black chokeberry tolerates most soils whether well- drained or heavy clay. This shrub provides berries which range in color from red to purple in fall, making it a two-season standout.  While the berries attract various birds their tart and bitter taste make this a deer resistant shrub.

chokeberry black-chokeberry

At GreenRoots Landscaping, making the right plant selections is equally important to excellent design and craftsmanship. Call us today for a free consultation and we can take care of the rest!