February – Planning Ahead for Summer!

February is a month that is all about love, groundhogs and the Super Bowl. Of course, this year February is really all about the Super Bowl! February is usually snow covered which makes it arguably the best winter month for winter sports. And often times the weather has us cozied up inside.


With all of these things packed into the shortest month of the year, landscaping and hardscaping can be one of the farthest things from our minds. This is for some of the more obvious reasons, you cannot make many physical changes while the ground is frozen and often times our properties are snow covered making it difficult to see landscaping or hardscaping! While it may be the furthest thing from your mind, it may be time to adjust your thinking because February is the perfect time to start making plans for your property!


A successful outdoor space starts with an excellent landscape design. Depending on the scope of the project, planning may need to happen earlier than you think. Also the earlier you start dreaming about your project the better off you will be because it allows you time to really consider what your priorities are. Getting a meeting scheduled with a landscape designer can make your dream a reality.

If the property is not currently snow covered, it is a great time to take a walk around your property and survey any issues that you may be able to see easily. When the perennials are dormant over the winter it is much easier to see the status of your beds and gardens. Do your beds need to be refreshed in spring, or do they need a total update? Scheduling a consultation now planning ahead for spring is a great way to get ahead of the game. Something else to consider, are some of your “ugly” areas too exposed when your perennials and deciduous plants are dormant? We strongly recommend wood screening for those ugly areas. They offer function and beauty and transform some of the more unsightly areas to some of the more beautiful and clean areas of your property.


Even if your property is snow covered, which is often the case in February, there are landscaping and hardscaping issues that can show up in snow. Have you had more issues in one place than others with shoveling from uneven walkways? Walkways that have not been set correctly will drastically move over time and can create problems when the weather is less than ideal.


One thing that often happens with snow cover is people take “alternate routes” from their vehicles to the access doors to your home. Taking note of where people are treading over plant beds is great because planting a hardier plant in those areas, placing a few stepping stones or a total entrance redesign may be just what you need to combat unruly guests, or probably more accurate, family members! Understanding how your family functions and currently uses your property will help planning your landscaping and hardscaping fit your lifestyle. Our landscape designers are great at helping you think about your high traffic areas under normal usage, but noting that your kids always come in the back door from the bus etc. are great things to take note of and be thinking about before you plan a new front or back yard design.


Are you dreaming of summer? If you are thinking about setting up a consultation, but aren’t ready to pull the trigger quite yet, the best way to start planning is with a list of priorities. Do you know you have a graduation party this summer that you want to have an outdoor space ready by? When it comes to an outdoor retreat the options are literally endless so setting your priorities before you consult with a landscape designer will get you and your designer on the same page even faster. are you hoping for a spa and an outdoor fireplace but know you have to have a patio with seating for 8?

Our lives are so busy and we don’t often find time to enjoy what we have worked hard for. Take the time to plan now for a summer retreat that is so functional and beautiful you can’t help but find yourself outside and enjoying your property. Email us today to set up a consultation with a landscape designer so that we can make your dreams become a reality for your property!