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February Landscaping Tips – Landscape Design

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Landscape Design:

These mild winter days have us thinking ahead to spring! Now is the PERFECT time to make a plan for your property. The best way to plan your outdoor space is with a landscape design. Our designers are professional and talented. A good landscape designer with vision and foresight is what will keep you happy with your decisions for years to come.

Knowing what the end goal for your property is always best. It makes your project not only more efficient, but also more economical. When the plan is set for the entire property, you won’t have to tear out the work you just had done down the road because it doesn’t fit the overall plan.

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Here is how a design retainer typically works:

Before we Meet

This is the part where you can dream big! We recommend browsing our website, Pinterest, landscaping magazines, or wherever you draw inspiration from, to get ideas and to be thinking of what you would like your project to include. Are you hoping to add a patio, a raised bed for vegetables, a fireplace with an area for seating? Having your priorities already determined will be beneficial for both you and the designer.

The First Meeting

Meeting with your designer and creating the plan. It is through the initial meeting that you and your designer can come to an understanding about what your priorities are. This face-to-face time will allow you to work together and “get on the same page” so that during the next steps your designer can create something that you will love!

The Plan and Plantings List/Reviewing the Plan

The next step is where the “magic happens.” After your initial meeting, your designer will come back to you with an expertly designed plan that will be both beautiful and functional. You will have the opportunity to make changes and communicate with your designer so that you are happy with the landscape design. This step of exchanging of ideas is the most important step because this is when the decisions are made for what your finished project will be. Here is an outline of how the landscape design process works:

Landscape Design Retainer:

PHASE 1: Client meeting: Establish goals, objectives and try to establish a budget, identify site conditions – requirements, limitations and opportunities

PHASE 2: Design: Document existing elements in the proposed areas as needed, collect elevation data in the proposed areas as needed, research, concept development

PHASE 3: Client meeting: Review initial plan concepts, identify material and detail options

PHASE 4: Edit allowance (edit initial plan concepts): Final plan details, establish summary of recommended actions and budget estimates

PHASE 5: Client meeting: Presentation of final plan, details and contract for the proposed work, delivery of final plans

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