Snow and your Landscaping

With snow around us and plenty more snow in the forecast, you may be asking yourself, how does all of this snow affect my property and landscaping?


Snow and Landscaping big questions:

1. Does snow damage your plants?

The short answer is no!


Kennett square, PA is located in zone 7 of the plant hardiness zone map. Getting into the single digits is what puts us in zone 7, which we have recently been reminded can happen here in southeastern PA! The plants that we get locally, or have chosen carefully, should be built to withstand our cold winters. Most of our perennials are hiding underground for the winter and a heavy snowfall actually creates an insulated blanket for underground and low perennials. So a few inches to a foot or so of snow is actually the best thing for your plants!


The evergreen shrubs and trees in your landscaping have not died back for the winter but are in a healthy state which makes the branches flexible and strong and able to withstand a reasonable amount of snow.

Ice is of a different nature. Ice by itself is not typically dangerous for your plants, but be wary of trying to manipulate plants covered in ice. Try not to handle any ice covered branches on plants or trees because the ice will make them brittle and more easily damaged.


Trees that are newly planted or are borderline for zone 7 hardiness could be affected by snow, or more likely the cold temperatures. So our suggestion would be if you have some vulnerable plants on your property that you wrap them for the winter.



2. Does snow damage your lawn?

The answer again is no! A blanket of snow creates an insulation for your grass that actually protects it from the coldest temperatures. Your grass will slow its growing for the winter and go dormant which is normal, but a blanket of snow protects it during the dormant months. The most dangerous thing for your grass is the extreme low temperatures without a snow covered protection.



Snow and Landscaping Tips:

While snow does not damage your landscaping and hardscaping, the snow removal process can do lasting damage. Make sure to mark your hardscaping and landscaping with stakes, or something similarly obvious, for snow removal to be sure there are no mistakes. Snow blowers are much less harmful than plowers for your hardscaping.


One of the biggest dangers for your landscaping is ice build up. Ice is far heavier than snow so if you have a metal roof, even just on your shed or garage etc. make sure you have installed ice breaks on the roof so that you do not have large sheets of ice falling on your plants and landscaping. These large sheets can do a significant amount of damage when it has built up and when it all comes off at once.


All in all these heavy snowfalls can actually be the best thing for your landscaping! So enjoy the snow!