Landscaping tips for Winter Pond Care


Landscaping tips for Winter Pond Care

Many fear for their ponds and the life of their fish in the winter, leaving them unsure of how to properly care for their pond.  Many debate on moving their fish indoors which can be very costly having to set up an entirely new tank inside as well as potentially becoming shocking for the fish being relocated. There is no need to move the fish anywhere unless your pond freezes completely through in the winter which unless your pond is less than 18 inches in depth is not a risk factor.  Once temperatures fall below 39 degrees Fahrenheit you should stop feeding your fish, making them almost completely maintenance free for the winter.


Leaf Netting: Keeping ponds free of leaves will help ensure the water stays clean and free of debris that could harm the water and ultimately the fish. Also, netting will keep birds at bay and away from the fish.

Use a Deicer:  When a pond develops a layer of ice, a deicer is used to melt a small hole in the ice allowing toxic gases to escape and oxygen to enter the pond. However, deicers are expensive to run. If you have a large pond it could cost you more than $75.00 a month.

Aerate: An aerator helps to keep your pond well oxygenated by keeping the water moving to help negate freezing and eliminating physical stress to your fish. An aerator is also a cheaper alternative to a deicer.

Thawing Out: In the case that your pond freezes and your small hole used for ventilation closes do not break the ice, instead use hot water or rest a hot teakettle on top of the ice until it melts. Ice on your pond is not a bad thing and the fish will be fine all winter long settling into the bottom of the pond where the water is warmer until spring. 

Remove Snow from the Pond Surface:  Although ice is safe for the fish to survive the winter make sure when it snows you clear the snow from the ice so that light can get through to the aquatic plants to produce the oxygen needed for the fish to survive.

frozen-sticks snow-pond

pond-grass snow-and-tree


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