The fourth of the July is right around the corner! The 4th of July is about outdoor picnics and fireworks! When talking about spending the day outside, it seems only natural to feature the ideal place to host any outdoor activity, a carefully planned patio! We are constantly looking for more ways to relax and enjoy our properties and quality time with the people that we love. Our goal is always to offer tips and suggestions to make those goals easier to achieve on a daily basis. Adding a patio to your property is a, typically, simple way to accomplish more relaxation and quality time.

 Essentially what are we looking to get from any designed outdoor spaces? It can be narrowed down to 3 things:


I think it is safe to say that you, like me, are overcommitted and have so much going on it can be difficult to find rest! With that in mind, we need to find moments in our lives that we can relax. Relaxing and de-stressing are critical for our emotional and physical health! In our lives everything comes down to time. Finding time to relax is so much easier if it’s easily accessible. Like in our own backyard!




Ultimately what motivates us to create a space is when we need an outdoor retreat and a place to gather! Plenty of space for family meals on the patio is almost always a priority for families when designing an outdoor space. We want a place to dine outdoors at home. And of course we want spaces that we can feel comfortable throwing impromptu outdoor parties!


There is no better gathering space than around a fire pit. Summer days are best ended with loved ones gathered around the fire!




At the end of the day we just want to be able to enjoy our homes and properties. A well designed patio and outdoor space should be about allowing you to enjoy your property and what is already best about it. If your property has an amazing view your patio should be centered around being able to enjoy your view. Even if your yard is tiny and surrounded by other homes, our goal is still all about you getting the most of of what you have. So even with a tiny yard we can help you create an entire space that you can enjoy!


Patios are essentially about sitting, back, relaxing, gathering with friends and family, and enjoying your property.

If you would like a consultation from a landscape designer for a carefully designed patio and outdoor space, call us today to set up a consultation!