Pool Design

Pools can make your home into the ultimate staycation. Stepping into a backyard retreat and cooling off in the privacy of your own property is the perfect way to spend these hot summer months!

Arguably, pools more than anything, need to be expertly designed. As you can imagine, moving the pool structure itself is no easy task if it is even possible at all. And so if you are considering putting a pool in, we highly recommend starting with an expert landscape design. It is essential to be thinking ahead and to see the overall picture and goal when putting in a pool. Even if you do not plan on doing everything all at once, it is essential to have that landscape blueprint as priority number one!


A pool and outdoor space that feels easy and enjoyable to use will feel like a much better investment than a space that has not been designed correctly. Flow is the most important step in any landscape design. The natural path from your gathering spaces inside to the gathering spaces outside are what can make or break your outdoor spaces design. An expert design will take flow into consideration while designing without losing other essentials like the views while using your space, as well as from inside your home.



Although it could seem unrelated to landscape design, furniture is an important part of planning. Sectionals lounges and chairs all come in all different shapes and sizes. So the sizes do not have to be exact in the planning, unless you know exactly what furniture you want from the beginning, but your landscape design and especially your pool design should have places allotted for the different furniture and uses. Setting priorities early on is helpful as well. Are lounge chairs the most important to you? Or is a sectional with plenty of seating around a fire pit the most important?


Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your plan gives the flexibility of entertaining entirely outside! Or being able to multitask while the kids swim.


Plants are usually one of the last steps when planning a pool design, but they are a great way to set the look and feel you are looking for when enjoying your outdoor retreat. Are you looking for a streamlined clean look, or a lush tropical feel?


We always recommend starting with an expert landscape design when planning any outdoor retreat. It keeps an eye on what the overall goal for your property is. That is especially true with swimming pool designs. Planning ahead is essential. If you are looking to add a pool to your property and get all of those staycation feels, make an appointment with a landscape designer today!

Even if the pool is a few years off, but you want to start with a patio, starting with the landscape design and having the pool as a future phase is a great way to ensure you will not be waisting your time and money down the road!

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