Thom Cauffman

Thom Cauffman is our master horticulturist and carpenter. He really is our “jack of all trades” and has been around the business for over 40 years and is our go to on any plant or carpentry questions that we may have. We could go on and on about Thom and if you’ve met him, chances are that you know what we are talking about!

That means whatever Thom says you should listen to! This month is a new feature we are calling “Thom says.”

November is a transition month that is taking us from mild autumn days into December cold nights and the chance of snow at any moment. As it is a transition month weather wise, it is the time to transition our outside spaces as well!


For November Thom says that these 3 things need to be done, and that you could do these things yourself:

  Turn off your irrigation:

It is time to turn the irrigation systems off. The sun and heat aren’t constantly drying up the moisture so our plants do not need the extra irrigation that they need in the heat of summer. Our plants are headed into dormancy as well which means too much water can actually harm our plants.


To turn off the irrigation system, find the source of the system and turn off the valve. Keep an eye on the source to make sure it isn’t leaking.


  Deer proof your plants:

Deer are graceful and beautiful animals, but they can also be a serious problem for our landscaping. Deer can cause serious damage to our shrubs and branches that can take years to recover.

Deer repellent is a relatively pain free way auto keep your landscaping safe for the fall and winter. There are many deer repellent options available and you can walk into most hardware stores and purchase some deer repellent spray today. Use whatever repellent suits your lifestyle best, just make sure your plants have some form of protection especially if you know that deer are frequent visitors for your property.


  Spray plants with Wilt Pruf:

Wilt prof is an anti-desiccant spray. Anti-desiccant is defined as a “noun Horticulture. 1. a substance or material applied to a plant, as by spraying, to inhibit moisture loss during transplanting.”


Wilt Pruf, or another anti-desiccant spray, is a form of protection for our plants and shrubs to reduce moisture loss when plants are under stress from drought, transplant shock, winter kill and windburn. It is to help prevent wilting. This is especially helpful to our evergreens that do not go into dormancy aka survival mode like our deciduous plants and shrubs.

Examples of our most commonly used evergreens that should be sprayed:

  • Pachysandra

  • Periwinkle


  • Boxwoods



  • Cephalotaxus


  • Evergreen


November is a transition month, these to do’s are a great place to start!

November is also a great time to start thinking about and planning what you want your ideal backyard retreat to be like. Contact us today to set up a consultation with an expert landscape designer and we can help make your dreams a reality!