Grasses Spotlight

Although it may not seem like it, fall is an excellent time to plant! It is the recommended time to plant bulbs for spring but it is a good time to plant trees shrubs and even perennials as well. Grasses are a perfect fall plant because they keep their shape throughout the fall. Most grasses will lose their full color by mid fall but maintain their height which makes them a great backdrop for an autumn aesthetic.

Some of our favorite grasses:

 Mexican Feather Grass


Mature Width: 12-24″
Mature Height: 12-24″ / 30″ tall in bloom


 Pink Muhly Grass 


Mature Width: 3′
Mature Height: 3′


 Little Bluestem

Mature Width: 18″
Mature Height: 3-4′


 Blue Fescue

Mature Width: 8-12″
Mature Height: 8-12″


 Variegated Carex


Mature Width: 12″
Mature Height: 12″


 Japanese Forest Grass


Mature Width: 18″
Mature Height: 18″



All of these grasses will easily carry you though until winter! We narrowed down this list to 6 of our favorites, but there are so many more beautiful grasses, and of course countless beautiful perennials! If you would like to have a consultation for an expert landscape design and freshen up your gardens, email us today!