Fall Outdoor Decorating Tips

The season of pumpkin spice, everything, is upon us! The cooler weather sometimes feels like time to spend less time outdoors, but there is plenty of season left for your outdoor spaces! So to enjoy your space to its fullest for these autumn months may we suggest some freshening up!


Your annuals and most perennials are probably about done for the season, so it is the perfect time to add some fall foliage to your curb appeal!


We have highlighted 5 fall decorating staples, but get creative and add some staples that maybe we have missed!

1. Pumpkins

There is no denying that pumpkin is #1 for a fall decorating staple. The very sight of a pumpkin says fall and Halloween! Pumpkins are great pops of color for your front porch and can even be planted or eaten when you’re ready to move on from your pumpkins for this year!


If you have window boxes, no need to “reinvent the wheel” carefully arrange pumpkins in your window boxes and your home will look autumn ready in no time!


One of the best things about pumpkins is the variety of colors, shapes and sizes they come in. You can always find the “perfect” pumpkin. They have a personality.



2. Gourds

Gourds have made #2 on our list and it is no surprise considering how closely they are related to pumpkins.

Gourds are excellent at mixing with pumpkins and are as various as pumpkins in their sizes and colors. Their shapes are what distinguish them from pumpkins and what make them great for decorating.

Combining different shapes, long and skinny gourds mixed with round pumpkins are what make for a dynamic display!

3. Mums

Mums make #3 on our list because they are one of the few flowers that you can rely on looking great in the fall! And so mixing mums with pumpkins and other fall decor make the perfect transition from summer to fall.


Mums are perfect in containers or planted right into your garden or planter. 


We featured mums back in July, to learn more about mums click here.

4. Straw/Hay Bales

Adding hay and straw, loose or in bales, are a great way to add texture to a fall display, making it #4 on our list of staples.


You can use straw bales to feature your fall decor. What is nice about straw is that you don’t have to worry about if it blows around your yard a bit. Straw over grass seed is what we often use to repair lawns in our line of duty!

5. Kale/Cabbage


Kale and Cabbage are a lot like mums in that they can handle the cooler temperatures and are beautiful mixed. Which makes them #5 on our list. Kale and cabbage create texture and color. You can see how great the cabbage looks mixed with mums in this planter.


Of course one of the best things about using kale is you can snip a few leaves off for a salad made with a super food.


Mixing it all together        

Really the best way to decorate for fall is to mix fall decorating staples together!

Here is a beautiful example of mixing mums, cabbage and kale to set a beautiful autumn decor!


This area is set up as a seasonal feature for this home, so of course it is utilizing mums, pumpkins and kale.


I hope this has gotten you as excited for pumpkin spice season as we are!