October Landscaping Tips – Lighting – Kennett Square

Fall and everything we love about it is back!

Pumpkins, flannels, and the refreshing crisp autumn air are back. The days will seem shorter and we’ll be looking to stay inside cuddled up in front of the fire soon enough. For those who didn’t plant their mums back in July their flowerbeds are looking sparse, lucky for us we remembered and our flowerbeds are just starting to explode with the gorgeous colors of fall!

Many of us have the belief that the cooler months have to be a dark time for our homes landscaping but that is far from the truth. Picture the books we were all read to as children with scenes of small towns lit up making the snow look somehow warm. These picture books helped to create nostalgic feelings that the holidays mark in all of us as children.  Installing lighting to your garden, windows, walkway, and up lights that will illuminate the trees really strike the warm feeling we all long for throughout the brisk fall and winter days.  These lights will also be great for the summer months and all year-round adding to your homes curb appeal as well as initiating a stronger sense of safety.



night-back-dark night-back-walkway


Pick your lights

What style?

When picking what type of lighting you may be interested in there’s a few different options each offering their own style. There are spotlights that can highlight specific features and I would recommend for individual trees, plants, and flowers adding to the whimsy of your home. Then there are the floodlights that will illuminate large areas such as the lights we have over our garages. For landscaping purposes I would recommend focusing on spotlights.

night-screening  night-side-porch night-top-pond night-back-patio

What type?

There are two types of lighting to narrow your decision making down to. First is solar landscape lighting and the second is low-voltage electric landscape lighting. Both are great options but both might not be great options for you depending on where you live and what you want to illuminate.

night-screening-5 night-back-patio

night-cafe-lights night-pool-with-outdoor-room

Solar Landscape Lighting


  • Use LED lights which are one of the longest lasting lighting options
  • No wires, easy use
  • Energy efficient because they run off of the sun
  • Besides initial purchase and installment they have virtually no cost


  • LED lights lose brightness over time since solar-powered lights don’t contain mercury
  • Because of the absence of mercury they aren’t as bright as the low-voltage electric lights
  • If you live in a location that doesn’t get much sunlight or you place them in a shaded area your lights will not work
  • You don’t get the control of turning your lights on and off the lights simply are on at night and off during the day

Low-Voltage Electric Landscape Lighting


  • Very bright
  • Come in an array of styles and finishes
  • Can increase the value of your property by making it more  desirable
  • Simple wiring if you know what you’re doing
  • Can be placed on a timer giving you more control over your lights


  • Best to be left to a professional as the wiring can be tricky if you are unfamiliar
  • The bulbs will need to be replaced and the wiring may require care

night-pool lights-night-2


Still have questions on what is the right lighting fit for your home reach out to us, we’d love to help you turn your house an idyllic winter home!