Fireplaces and Patios

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September is an incredibly busy time of the year. Between back-to-school, work, and the vibrancy of summer colors subsiding it’s easy to get caught up the monotony of everyday life. Just because summer is ending, doesn’t mean that we have to run for the nearest shelter and turn to hibernation.

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Fireplaces are a great way to still enjoy being outside and stay warm in the fall and winter months. Installing an outdoor fireplace doesn’t just warm the body, but also the soul.  As much as we love our bright flowers and lightning bugs in the summer, there is a certain feeling of nostalgia that winter inspires with the sound of a fireplace crackling while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate with family.

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Summer cannot replicate the feeling of a warm fire after a long day of sledding and arriving back at home with wet clothes and boots. Relaxing on your patio and celebrating autumn nights with roasting hot dogs and smores is the perfect transition from summer to winter.

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Not only will it make being outside in the winter bearable, but it will also add to the entire aesthetic of your home. Of course, a fireplace to enjoy in autumn and winter is certainly an investment for spring and summer. Fireplaces in spring are the perfect gathering spot for families after long days. Fireplaces are one of the outdoor amenities that can be enjoyed year-round and have an undeniable charm no matter the season.

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