Chances are by now you’ve heard the term “Vertical Gardening” you might be somewhat interested, or you might still be scratching your head wondering what everyone is on about.  Well, with planting season upon us, and the sun shining brightly, we’re going to give you an intro to vertical gardening and how it’s great for everyone, regardless of whether you live in a tiny space with limited landscape area or a large home with room to spare.

The concept of vertical gardening came originally from apartment and condo dwellers.  With limited space it was almost impossible for them to enjoy a proper garden.  Window boxes were always a popular choice for folks with small spaces, but they just don’t afford enough space for plants, and so came  this idea of building the garden…up.   It’s become a trend on pinterest in the last few years, and a growing trend amongst gardeners from all over, with every type of space.

We definitely know why it’s needed in a small property, but why would it be useful in a piece of land with a lot of space? Vertical gardening allows home owners to keep the plants they need for cooking close.  It may be various sizes of pots attached up the wall of your home, it might be planters attached to reinforced trellis’.  Another awesome concept is obviously, building a vertical garden right into an outdoor room.  It can keep herbs and spices nice and close to the BBQ/serving area, and it can even be designed to offer protection from the wind or add some privacy where it’s needed.

In short, it adds some visual interest, some height and can actually serve a useful purpose when wind or privacy is an issue.   We’ve listed below some of our favorite links to get you started with a DIY project that just keeps on giving!

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