West Chester Patio in Fall

The autumn season doesn’t always feel like the best season for enjoying hardscaping and landscaping, but with the mild temperatures and changing leaves that is just not true! This patio is ready to be enjoyed now, no need to wait for spring!


patio-2 patio-4

This customer is making the best of the season and using leaf mulch. Leaf mulch is a great way to “make lemonade” with the resources that we all have plenty of right now, leaves!

tree-2 patio-3

Carefully placed up-lights make any outdoor space that much more beautiful. The path lights add ambiance and safety.

boulder-steps-2 boulder-steps-4

boulder patio-5

This boulder is perfect for up-lighting. The angles make this boulder even more interesting at night than during the day with the contrasting shadows.

path-and-boulder path


tree-3 whole-patio-with-deck

patio-and-deck-2 tree

path-light path-light-3

patio-dark-4 patio-dark-3


patio-dark-5 patio-dark

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